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Our most important objective as leaders is to create the next generation of leaders. But everyone is in a different stage of their leadership development. This keynote provides specific and tangible methods to meeting each person right where they are and setting them up for long-term success.

The consumer shopping process has been completely disrupted over the last several years; and, as a result, we are seeing fewer people walk into our retail stores each day. This keynote presentation reviews five ways to ensure your customers enjoy the shopping process and are excited about the investment they made and tell others about it too!

Our most important objective as leaders is to ensure we are focused on creating the next generation of successful leaders. This presentation shows not only why it’s so important, but also how to successfully execute it with energy, commitment and passion.

One common characteristic in successful sales professionals is commitment – the desire to not only become exceptional at it, but having the dedication to stay focused on mastering the process. In Part One of this keynote presentation, Lorri introduces Richard Tyler of Richard Tyler International®, and describes how her own experience transformed her and initiated her partnership with Richard to help others achieve extraordinary results

There is a very detailed and specific order in the selling process that, when mastered and followed, will create amazing results. This keynote presentation describes in detail the seven steps in the selling process that all sales professionals will need to learn, practice and implement for proven success.

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